Graduation 2018, Outstanding Performances / Awards

Willem de Kooning Academy
Mon 25 Jun

On Friday, July 6th and Sunday, July 8th 2018, the awards for outstanding projects (BA and MA) will be handed out.

Research & Hybrid Publishing Awards

The Willem de Kooning Research Award was established by the Willem de Kooning Foundation in 2015 to emphasize the central role of art and design research within the newly introduced curriculum.  The Willem de Kooning Research Awards are not prizes for just theses or research documents but for projects merging theory and practice where art or design work is a vital part of the research.  The Awards are granted to Bachelor and Master graduation projects that combine theoretical and field research with artistic research and which provide new insights to broader audiences of experts and the public at large. Next to the prize money of € 1500, € 1000 and € 500 for Bachelor graduates and € 2000 for a Master graduate, one Bachelor and one Master project will also be honoured with a publication. These publications are not conventional research books or catalogues, but experimental publications to be developed within WdKA’s Hybrid Publishing Practices. The publication can take any form that is best suited to each project: electronic and print, performative, presentational.

Research Award and Hybrid Publishing Award ceremony for both Bachelor and Master graduates will take place on July 8th, at 16:00, Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam.

Jury Bachelor Research Award: Florian Cramer – chairman (WdKA), Jojanneke Gijsen – secretary (WdKA), Hilde Westerink (Vers Beton), Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (Het Nieuwe Instituut), Liesbeth Eelens (Erasmus University College).

Jury Master Research Award: Teana Boston-Mammah – chairman (WdKA), Mariska Versantvoort – secretary (WdKA), Rieke Vos (NDSM-werf), Annette Krauss (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, HKU Utrecht), Marina Otero Verzier (Het Nieuwe Instituut).

Jury Hybrid Publishing (BA & MA): Aldje van Meer – chairman (WdKA), Kimmy Spreeuwenburg – secretary (WdKA Hybrid Publishing), Freek de Lomme (Onomatopee), Margreet Riphagen (HvA), Silvio Lorusso (PZI).

Nominees, Bachelor:

Autonomous Practices

Critical Studies: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers (Second Award)

Digital Craft: Vera Castelijns

Digital Craft: Jeanine Verloop

Hacking: Arieke van Liere (Second Award)

Public & Private: Jowi Kemper

Commercial Practices

Branding: Anne Pater

Data Design: Laura van der Steen

New Frontiers: Hilde Strijdveen

Service Design: Joey van der Maat

Honours Programme / Visual Culture

Kamali van Bochove (Second Award)

Social Practices: 

Cultural Diversity: Rümeysa Önal (First Award)

Sustainability: Nienke Galjaard (Hybrid Publishing Award)

Gamification: Sofie van der Eijk

Nominees, Master:

Master Media Design Experimental Publishing: Giulia de Giovanelli

Master Media Design Lens-Based: Sigrún Lýðsdóttir

Master Education in Arts: Amy Pickles (Winner of both Research & Hybrid Publishing Awards)

Master Design: Thomas Tiel Groenestege

Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design: Marta La Torre Rubio

Master Fine Art: Victor Santamarina


The Drempelprijs has been awarded annually since 1962 by the Municipality of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam) to one or more graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Originally, the prize was awarded only to fine art graduates; since 1968 applied arts graduates have also been eligible. The prize is an incentive award, with a nice sum of money: € 5,000. In the WdKA’s new curriculum, the traditional distinction between fine art and applied work is no longer considered relevant. Since 2014, the Drempelprijs awarded to students within the three graduation profiles: autonomous, social and commercial practices.

Drempelprijs and The Rotterdam New Talent Award ceremonies will take place on July 6th, at 17:00, Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam (the exact location to be announced).

Jury Autonomous Practices: Mitchell Esajas (The Black Archives) - chairman, Levien Nordeman (WdKA) - secretary, Jessy Koeiman (alumnus 2017, recent Curator Collective Learning at WdW), Natalia Sorzano (Ghost).

Jury Commercial Practices: Marina Toeters ( - chairman, Dirk Vis (WdKA) - secretary, Janjoost Jullens (Wolfpack), Susan Bijl (SUSAN BIJL), Rufus Ketting (Natwerk).

Jury Social Practices: Tabo Goudswaard (Studio Goudswaard) – chairman, Boo van der Vlist (WdKA) - secretary, Sabrina Lindemann (OpTrek), Anne van der Zwaag (Object Rotterdam).

Nominees, Autonomous Practices

The winner: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers (Animation)

Jeanine Verloop (Illustration)

Kamali van Bochove (Photography)

Eliza Bordeaux (Photography)

Lotte van Eijk (Photography)

Kwinnie Le (Fine Art)

Kaili Overwater (Fine Art)

Angelien van der Snel (Spatial Design)

Jeroen Veerman (Fine Art & Design Teacher Training)

Fabienne Hendriks (Fine Art & Design Teacher Training)

Mikki Sindhunata (Audiovisual Design)

Denice Zwiers (Audiovisual Design)

Rowena de Bueger (Graphic Design)

Sarah Begemann (Animation)

Heidi Dai (Fashion Design)

Caio Vita Silveira (Graphic Design)

Robbin de Waij (Advertising)

Tim Reuser (Product Design)

Irma van Doornmalen (Fine Art)

Nominees, Commercial Practices

The winner: Camie Roos (Graphic Design)

Anne Pater (Lifestyle Transformation Design)

Hilde Strijdveen (Fashion Design)

Laura van der Steen (Illustration)

Stephany Caparn (Photography)

Aaron Boot (Spatial Design)

Puck Litaay (Lifestyle Transformation Design)

Rogier van der Galiën (Advertising)

Iris Heerkens (Product Design)

Nominees, Social Practices

The winner: Marieke Widlak (Spatial Design)

Moniek Lankhuizen (Illustration)

Nash Calder (Fine Art)

Julia Alvares (Fine Art & Design Teacher Training)

Rümeysa Önal (Animation)

Jasmijn Hoekman (Graphic Design)

Perrine van Uden (Fashion Design)

Marijn van der Ploeg (Audiovisual Design, Honours Programme)

Guido van Werkhoven (Advertising)

Nienke Galjaard (Product Design)

Sofie van der Eijk (Product Design)

The Rotterdam New Talent Award

The Rotterdam New Talent Award is a new annual prize for students graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Willem de Kooning Academy. This unique award helps young designers transform their graduation project into the stepping stone of their professional career during a sponsored residency of five months. In collaboration with experienced local partners seeking for impactful innovation, the recipients will develop their projects in Rotterdam, with an outstanding vision on relevant society matters. Rotterdam New Talent Award is open to the BA graduates of both schools and MA graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven from the school year 2017-2018, who are starting an entrepreneurial venture in the field of product and/or service design.

Drempelprijs and The Rotterdam New Talent Award ceremonies will take place on July 6th, at 17:00, Wijnhaven 61, Rotterdam (the exact location to be announced).

Keep an eye on this page for the nominations' lists and in the meantime check out WdKA's last year's top-shelf artists, Bachelors and Masters!

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