Nobody Sees a Flower Really

Stephany Caparn
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Photography
Year Fourth Year

A new interpretation to contemporary archetypes.

As a social activist image maker, I feel the urgency to respond to stigmas and images in contemporary society. With this series of portraits, I give a new interpretation to contemporary archetypes. According to the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, these are symbolic figures that we unconsciously understand. Through similar life experiences, these have become part of our collective subconscious.

This is a step in the direction of getting rid of the frames within the ideally created appearance in the media. Expressing the appreciation for the individual’s emotional life, love and friendship, and attention to characters in the most authentic way possible. Space to discover oneself, to distinguish oneself from others and to appreciate one’s own in the pure form of nature.

Nomination: Drempelprijs 2018

Contemporary Archetypes. The Innocent.
Contemporary Archetypes. The Caregiver.
Contemporary Archetypes. The Wizard.

By taking a rational approach to reality, a series of portraits has emerged of self-confident individuals who define contemporary society and who critically relate to the world and themselves.


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