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Willem de Kooning Academy
Mon 2 Apr

From Gutenberg's press to present-day technologies

Given the rapidly changing media landscape, the book, or codex, is no longer the primary form of publishing. Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and other devices have opened up new possibilities for storytelling, information access, reading, and mixed media outputs. As a result, publications are being reimagined in a plethora of bound and unbound forms.

From this perspective, the expansive field of hybrid publishing has emerged as space for artists and designers to realize their work. Researching and experimenting across a broad range of processes native to digital and analogue media, WdKA Hybrid Publishing fosters novel approaches to design, writing, reading, and dissemination, and embraces the pluriformity of publishing made possible through the legacies of Gutenberg’s press to present-day technologies.

Working across Commercial, Autonomous and Social Practices, Hybrid Publishing operates as a platform for publishing research, while simultaneously conducting research through making, prototyping and incorporating iterative design processes. Hybrid Publishing builds on the skills and expertise found in the WdKA Publication Station, Creating 010, and the Experimental Publishing department of the Master Media Design programme at Piet Zwart Institute. Next to internal collaborations, it also works with external partners and tests results through making work accessible to the public.

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Florian Cramer, Applied Research Professor on Hybrid Publishing

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A collection of tools used and methods applied within Hybrid Publishing can be found at the Publication Station wiki. It is a space where we gather Hybrid Publishing Resources.

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