Unlimited Life in 2048

Laura van der Steen
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Data Design
Major Illustration
Year Fourth Year

Nomination: Bachelor Research & Hybrid Publishing Award 2018

Who are we, when death is deceased?

The only constant factor about life on earth is its constant, changeful nature of all things. The extinction of the mortal human, and conquering death by doing so, wouldn’t be an exception to this unwritten rule. Even if it would be the consequence of our own innovation. The potency of an unlimited life has gained a more realistic image throughout the years. Recognisable by its super intelligent physique and uploaded brain.

Will this immortal creature still turn to God? What does it want to become when it grows older? What is its favourite colour? In other words, who are we, when death is deceased? The graduation project “Unlimited Life in 2048,” is an animated, audio-driven exploration of the human sentiment towards the immortal near future in which we might not even be present.

Unlimited Life in 2048 (in Dutch)