Fashion Design

Hijab in Transition

Perrine Philomeen
Practice Social Practices
Project Cultural Diversity
Major Fashion Design
Year Fourth Year

Nomination: Drempelprijs 2018

Rotterdam 2018, a city with an increasing diversity of people and cultural expressions such as clothing. One of the garments that stands out at such a cultural transition is the hijab; a headscarf worn by many Muslim women.

The hijab is an important item of clothing for Muslim women with which they present themselves to the outside world. Partly to show their identity, their cultural ties, partly out of respect for the guidelines of Islam. The hijab in the western world also changes under the influence of Western culture.
Photography: Harmen Meinsma
Mua: Sophia Sinot
Models: Sterk Dirki, PelinTurfana, Ishan Radwan, Umayma Liban

4.9% of all Dutch people are Muslim. This percentage is even higher in the big cities. (Rotterdam 13,7%) Muslims don’t yet play to the same extent in the fashion industry, neither as models, in fashion campaigns nor as designers.

I want to contribute to increase of the attention for the hijab in the fashion world and to increase the assortment for Muslim women.

Through these moving photo series, I show the speed at which cultures visually merge and at the same time, I bring an ode to the hijab as a fashionable and meaningful piece of clothing. I hope that my view and my creations can also inspire others to look in a positive way at diversity and mixing of cultural expressions.

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