Master Design

The Openness of Public Space

Thomas Tiel Groenestege
Project Research / Hybrid Publishing
Major Master Design
Year Graduation Year

Nomination: Master Research & Hybrid Publishing Award 2018

Vandalism, enthusiasm and public disobedience.

As a designer, how can I create space for informal actions within the system that governs the Dutch public space? By doing interventions I determine that we citizens have enough creativity and desire to change our urban environment. However, the participation processes that are offered by the municipality are often needlessly complex and strictly regulated.

By embedding myself in the municipality of Amsterdam Nieuw-West I chart the various layers within the organisation and I plant seeds for a new way of regulating the public space. A new way that enables us, citizens, to take full responsibility of undetermined spaces in our neighbourhood and allows us to become the owners of the public space.

During the Graduation Show 2018, I enthusiastically present my full design research and will take the audience along my trip through the wonderful world of Dutch public space, the governing system behind it and my onbestemmingsplan to loosen it up.