Product Design

The Rotterdam's Set

Sofie van der Eijk
Practice Social Practices
Project Gamification
Major Product Design
Year Fourth Year

Nomination: Bachelor Research & Hybrid Publishing Award 2018



Children discover the world through play; by trying self-initiated things they gain experience. Those experiences will help them later on in life to estimate situations. In Dutch primary schools, there is not much room for this natural learning process. Nearly all schools have a clear and set program which is measurable and thought through, but it leaves no possibility to base the education on the children’s interests.

I have made a set of toys for children from four to eight years old. While playing with them, children can discover geometric principles. The set is made to use at primary schools. With my design, I want to contribute to the development of more flexible and child-oriented education. In this education, the child’s interest in the subject is very important. With my design I connect with children’s investigative attitude: the education becomes more relevant to the child because it’s self-directed. In this way, children will have a better learning experience and enjoy school more.