Spatial Design

The Art of Wasted Time

Joey van der Maat
An addition to the current Dutch prostate healthcare system.
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Service Design
Major Spatial Design
Year Fourth Year

Nomination: Bachelor Research & Hybrid Publishing Award 2018

Approximately 110,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Of these, 11,000 are men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in men and the fifth most common type of cancer in the Netherlands.

Currently, there is a lack of support in the healthcare system for patients with prostate cancer.

In the current Dutch healthcare system, a lot of time is wasted on waiting. During this period, patients experience psychological and cognitive complaints, for example; stress, anxiety and frustration. This has a negative effect on the well-being of a patient, and as a result, their state can become progressively worse. What we currently see is a lack of support in the healthcare system concerning patients with prostate cancer.


To improve the well-being of prostate cancer patients, partners, and their loved ones, the prostate cancer centre offers a qualitative solution. The centre complements the current Dutch prostate cancer healthcare system and can be implemented within the current trajectory; between different phases that a patient endures during his illness. The centre provides information, psychological, emotional and physical support during and after their illness.

The Prostate Cancer Center offers people a place where fellow sufferers are able to share experiences with each other and feel human again, or just sit quietly in a relaxing environment with a cup of tea. The centre is a building that embraces you, with plenty of natural light and a variety of open and private spaces. It is embedded in a quiet environment, surrounded by nature. It is a place where people feel safe, but also one where minds may be lifted.