Graphic Design

The Hidden Connection

Rowena de Bueger
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Hacking
Major Graphic Design
Year Fourth Year

Nomination: Drempelprijs 2018

About 20 years ago, almost nobody had a cellphone. We have started using wireless equipment on a global scale in a rather short time frame. Smartphones have become a part of us. Brands like Apple cover themselves by giving the advice to keep the phone at least 5mm away from your body. It is described in the fine print, in the instructions of your phone, that people rarely read.

Technology is becoming increasingly invisible in our daily lives with the result that technology and nature merge with each other.

A new kind of nature arises in which a different approach to technology is required. It fascinates me that nowadays we are so dependent on something that is invisible. As a designer, I want to make this invisible aspect perceptible with the aim of making people aware of the fact that their mobile phone is a trigger for that electromagnetic cloud in which we live.