Graphic Design


Camie Roos
The Attention-Aware System
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Data Design
Major Graphic Design
Year Fourth Year

Drempelprijs Commercial Practices

Jury Drempelprijs Commercial Practices: "Camie's enquiry was 'How can I contribute to new ways of dealing with visual information? Can I develop an aid that will help overcome our collectively shared struggle, the trouble with staying focused?' She combined her background as a graphic designer with the code-writing and interactive skills and came up with her own software that registers users' online behaviour with the help of eye-tracking hardware and aims to alter this behaviour.  The jury admires Camie's extensive research, both scientific and focused on implementation as well as on the users, hardware and digital craft. Camie has entered an exciting field of yet to be developed graphic interfaces based on neurological research."

You will probably not get to the end of this brief text.

Neither would you wait patiently for a stop sign, an image to load or in line to enter the bus. You should also cancel that video that is slowly streaming on your phone right now, because somebody, somewhere is tagging you in something that absolutely cannot wait.

The triggers of digital information run in great levels of speed, volume and accessibility. Though visual perception is fast and seemingly effortless, the ease and speed with which we see the world obscure the fact that perception requires active processing. Today, this is overwhelming our capabilities: it causes us to lose focus more easily, to fail tests, we might even end up being burned-out from the abundance of digital triggers and the addictive need to respond to them. To release some of this burden, the human brain adjusts to less attentional output - which gives us an attention-span shorter than that of a goldfish. Can we as graphic designers think of new ways of dealing with visual information?

Yes! Stop staring, start playing.

Yes! Stop staring, start playing. You can train your attention-span with ‘Kronos’, a gaming application that tracks your eye-movement. Kronos trains you to become less distracted by digital triggers, as it will notice when you stop giving it attention. It teaches you how to divide your attention, and how to become more focused.

So, do you want to study for an exam, while there is also a party going on downstairs? Play Kronos. You want to do your job, but are constantly distracted by your phone? Play Kronos. You want to read a book, but the pages are just too long and dense? Play Kronos.

Play Kronos



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