Willem de Kooning Academy is the only art academy in the Netherlands that offers a major in Advertising.

Choose to study Advertising at the WdKA in Rotterdam if you fancy a career in advertising and creative thinking!

The Willem de Kooning Academy is the only Dutch art school with a major specialisation in this field. Our students, tutors and alumni regularly hit the limelight by winning international awards and nominations. You will learn to become an all-around advertising or conceptual creative, the linchpin between interdisciplinary creatives and clients. You have a strong vision, passion and drive, and are always on the ball with the latest news, art, brands, and trends. You have a flair for communication and media strategies and a knowledge of creative technical possibilities.

You will explore and analyse complex issues before developing and thinking through strategic creative concepts. It doesn't matter where, how or in which medium an idea is expressed; you have to start with a good one!
You will work on projects in which you'll position yourself and learn to influence those around you. You will determine the professional field in which you will graduate by completing an internship at a well-known communication agency or brand in the Netherlands or abroad.

You will combine a strong conceptual vision with drive and passion and will gain excellent communication and presentation skills. You will be ready to take on hefty challenges and be willing to work long hours. You will be a spider at the centre of the web: a team player who connects interdisciplinary creatives and clients.

Willem de Kooning Academy encourages you to take part in national and international award shows, such as Jonge Honden, the Spin Awards Young Talent award, hackathons, the Cannes Young Lion Competition, Young Guns, and the One Show Young Ones.

Cover project: Brands Should Be Friends by Isabelle Griffioen.

Knowledge & skills

  • Concept development
  • Storytelling
  • Creative strategy
  • Identity development
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Knowledge of visual culture
  • Knowledge of technology
  • ...and more

Advertising is the greatest art form of the 21st century .

Marshall McLuhan

Career opportunities

  • All-round creative advertiser
  • Designer
  • Concept developer
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Creative strategist
  • Creative digital concepter
  • Creative brand developer
  • Chief creative officer
  • Experience designer
  • ...and more

Next to 13 majors and three Practices WdKA offers its students high-tech meeting interdisciplinary spaces - Stations. Stations are the place for creating prototypes, experimenting, remixing and improving your ideas. All of the Willem de Kooning Academy’s students and staff members are welcome to work in our Stations, regardless of their major specialisation, minor, elective module or study year. The Stations are where you can explore the viability of your ideas and find out how to turn them into fully-functioning creations.

Double Degree programme

Do you have an artistic or a musical talent, as well as a hunger for academic knowledge? You can now mix arts and academia in metropolitan Rotterdam. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and Codarts offer you the possibility to combine theory and practice in a five-year Double Degree programme.

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