Double Degree RASL

Are you artistically or musically talented, and at the same time thirsty for academic knowledge? The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and Codarts University for the Arts offer you the possibility to combine theory and practice within a five-year Double Degree programme (300 ECTS). Students completing the RASL programme obtain two bachelor degrees: one from the EUR (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) and one from Codarts or the WdKA (Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts).

For the first time in the Netherlands, you can now choose between different complementary, in-depth, and artistic interdisciplinary study paths.

The RASL programme offers you the opportunity to develop your knowledge on an academic level while also developing your artistic skills. After graduating from this programme, you will have acquired the skills necessary to address complex and multidimensional challenges by approaching issues from different angles. In addition, your artistic practices will benefit from your theoretical knowledge of the arts, media and culture – and vice versa: your theoretical work will be fuelled by your experience as an artist.

The RASL Double Degree provides two study tracks for WdKA students:

WdKA (all bachelors except Leisure Management and Fine Art & Design Teacher Training) – International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies (EUR).

Bachelor Design or Fine Art (all bachelors except Leisure Management and Fine Art & Design Teacher Training) – Liberal Arts & Culture, Erasmus University College (EUR).

Admission requirements

As a Double Degree student, you will have to apply to both institutes of your choice. Please note that each institute has its own specific application requirements. For more information, please consult their respective websites:

After your Admission

It is important that, after you have been admitted to WdKA and EUR, you send an e-mail to the Double Degree team, in which you confirm your admittance. We will then invite you for an interview. Please note that this is not an extra admissions, but rather a meeting to get to know each other, and in which we explain the ins and outs of the Double Degree Programme.

Tuition Fee

You will only be required to pay a ‘single’ tuition fee (for one programme only), which is determined by your specific combination of study programmes. If you register for a Double Degree with Arts & Culture Studies, you will be charged the standard Dutch tuition fee (2017-2018: 2006 euros for EER students). If you register for a Double Degree with the Erasmus University College, you will be charged the EUC’s tuition fee (2017-2018: 4000 euros for EER students) for the full duration of the programme; for more information about the EUC’s tuition fee, please consult their website.

Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL)

The Double Degree is organised by the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL). Its mission is to strengthen Rotterdam’s artistic profile by bringing together artistic and scientific practices in relation to societal challenges; to foster artistic practices and to expand professional networks in Rotterdam and beyond.

The RASL is a platform where the arts and sciences, students and educators, education and research all come together. The RASL provides opportunities for experimentation and encourages new forms of collaboration. The Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab consists of three programme lines: Double Degree, Innovative Interdisciplinary Research, and Creative Learning.

For more information on the Double Degree, please consult the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab’s website, or e-mail us at


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