Graduates'21 / Outstanding Performances / Awards

Tue 26 Oct


The Drempelprijs has been awarded annually since 1962 by the Municipality of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam) to one or more graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Originally, the prize was awarded only to fine art graduates; since 1968 applied arts graduates have also been eligible. The prize is an incentive award, with a nice sum of money: € 5,000. In the WdKA’s  curriculum, the traditional distinction between fine art and applied work is no longer considered relevant. Since 2014, the Drempelprijs awarded to students within the three graduation profiles: Autonomous, Social and Commercial practices.

Drempelprijs ceremony has taken place on October 30 from 15.30 - 16.30 at the Graduation Show.

And the winners are...

Nominees, Autonomous Practices

Advertising & Beyond: Lode Dijkers
Advertising & Beyond: Alex Bakker
Animation: Jacob Eriksson en Lina Maldeikytė (duo)
Fashion Design: Welmoed Bosch
Fashion Design: Maja Simišic
Fine Art: Adara Godschalk (Honours Programme)
Fine Art & Design Teacher Training: Anke Diederen
Graphic Design: Gabija Bubnytė (Honours Programme)
Illustration: Katta Rasche (Honours Programme)
Transformation Design: Minsun Kim
Photography: Milah van Zuilen (Honours Programme)
Photography: Julia Gat (Honours Programme)
Product Design: Joni Veizaj
Spatial Design: Lieke van der Meer

Nominees, Commercial Practices

Advertising & Beyond: Joppe Soons
Fine Art: Robin van der Laan
Graphic Design: Oriane Palacio
Illustration: Marle Rodenburg
Photography: Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuijzen
Spatial Design: Youp van Terheijden
Graphic Design: Noa van der Burg

Nominees, Social Practices

Advertising & Beyond:  Hannah Sterke
Animation: Kela van der Deijl
Animation: Maya Bloem en Jackie (Naomi) Stam
Audiovisual Design: Arif Abdillah
Fashion Design: Loes Platenkamp
Fine Art: Julian Crestian (Honours Programme)
Fine Art & Design: Alex Wijker
Fine Art & Design part time: Yoland de Pater
Graphic Design: Julia van Duijn
Graphic Design: Noa van der Burg
Illustration:  Jasmijn van der Linden ( Dual Degree RASL)
Transformation Design: Lucca Kroot
Transformation Design: Anne Martens
Photography: Ali (Alice) Lucchinelli
Product Design: Tessel Burger
Product Design: Shanti Versnel
Spatial Design: Nino Vogels

Research Awards

The Willem de Kooning Research Award was established by the Willem de Kooning Foundation in 2015 to emphasise the central role of art and design research within the newly introduced curriculum.  The Willem de Kooning Research Awards are no prizes for just theses or research documents but for projects merging theory and practice where art or design work is a vital part of the research. The Awards are granted to Bachelor and Master graduation projects that combine theoretical and field research with artistic research and which provide new insights to broader audiences of experts and the public at large. Next to the prize money of € 1500, € 1000 and € 500 for Bachelor graduates and € 2000 for a Master graduate, one Bachelor and one Master project will also be honoured with a publication. These publications are not conventional research books or catalogues, but experimental publications to be developed within WdKA’s Hybrid Publishing Practices. The publication can take any form that is best suited to each project: electronic and print, performative, presentational.


The Research Awards ceremony has taken place on October 30th at 17.00 hrs at the Graduation Show.

And the winners are...

Nominees Bachelor


Autonomous Practices

Critical Studies: Minsun Kim

Digital Craft: Rodrigo de Almeida Garrett Viseu Cardoso

Hacking: Jacob Eriksson

Public & Private: Jasmin Kuusinen

Commercial Practices

Data Design: Oriane Palacio

Social Practices: 

Cultural Diversity: Alice Lucchinelli

New Earth: Shanti Versnel

Powerplay: Arif Abdillah

Powerplay: Hannah Sterke

Nominees Master:

Anna Sandri - Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing
Fileona Dkhar - Fine Art and Design: Lens-Based Media
Halla Einarsdóttir - Fine Art and Design: Fine Art
Eva Garibaldi - Interior Architecture: Research + Design
Nanna van Heest - Master Design