Graduation Show 2021

Oct 27 2021 Oct 30 2021

Willem de Kooning Academy is pleased to come forward with very important and positive news regarding the Graduation Show 2021.

As you all know, the government has drawn up a plan to re-open society step by step. Each step will involve lifting more restrictions. This means that events will be allowed again, however, sometimes under strict conditions.Because of this, we are able to host offline evens at various safe locations throughout  Rotterdam.

The 2021 Graduation Show*  will start in July and September with a selection of Master exhibitions throughout the city. From 27 up until 30 October, 2021 we will host a combined Bachelor and Master Graduation Show at our own buildings at Wijnhaven 61 and Blaak 10.

Special note to 2020 graduates:

We invite all bachelor Graduates of the year 2020, who still want to meet their public and show their graduation work, to join the candidates of 2021. So please feel free to let us know as soon as possible through wdka.graduationshow@hr.nl.

Special note to 2021 January and March graduates:

We would like to invite you to join the exhibition in October 2021. Are you interested to show your work? Please let us know through wdka.graduationshow@hr.nl.

Graduation Catalogue
Mid-July we will relaunch our online Graduation Catalogue, where we will showcase the works of our 2021 graduates⁠. Of course, the work of all graduates of 2020 will also be available in the same catalogue.


Graduation Show 2021 Master Programme | Piet Zwart Institute

Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD) | July 1- 4, 2021 at Hofbogen.
Master Fine Art | July 1-11, 2021 at het Archiefgebouw.
Master Experimental Publishing (XPUB) | July 17, 2021 at Varia and various other locations.
Master Design | September 16, 2021 at Het Nieuwe Instituut.
Master Lens-Based Media | September 2021 (exact date TBA), at V2.
Master Education in Arts | TBA.

More detailed information will be published on www.pzwart.nl.

Graduation Show 2021 Bachelor Programme  

October 27-30, 2021 at Willem de Kooning Academy Blaak 10 & Wijnhaven 61.

Keep an eye on wdka.nl, socials and your e-mail for further updates after the summer break.

** Graduation Show Identity is designed by second year students Tijmen Buskermolen, Bobbie van Leeuwen en Sanyu  Fernandes.
Guided by Tutor Renate Boere.