Publication Station

The place to produce all kinds of publications

Publishing is an act of making content public. Content can be text, images, videos, sound recording, animations or an interactive installation. A publication takes the content, binds it into form and present it on a platform.

At the Publication Station, we support your projects throughout the process of publishing – from using the best techniques to produce your content to choosing the most suitable technologies and platforms to present them.

In the Publication Station you can:

  • Learn various printing techniques such as silkscreen printing, etching, RISO printing and many more.
  • Explore the broad field of digital publishing; make EPUBs, websites or apps.
  • Print your designs using our small-format and large-format inkjet printers.
  • Print your designs on glass, wood or metal using our A2-size flatbed printer.
  • Bind your books, magazines or research paper using our bookbinding machine.
  • Use our newest machines for laser and vinyl cutting.