Creating 010

Wed 19 Apr

Creating 010 is a research centre consisting of the research professorships (‘lectoraten’) associated to WdKA and to Hogeschool Rotterdam’s Institute of Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI). All research is conducted in collaboration with teachers and students from these two institutes. It also involves external partners from the academic and professional field. Creating 010 includes four areas of practice-oriented research. One of them, 21st Century Visual Culture, is exclusively serving WdKA in all its domains and educational programs while two others, Creative Economy and Educating Professional Creatives, are serving both WdKA and CMI. Creative Economy is linked to WdKA’s commercial domain, Educating Professional Creatives to its social domain. Guided by currently two research professors, 21stCentury Visual Culture investigates present-day globalization processes, aesthetic, cultural, technological and social shifts in their impact on art and design. The central research question concerns existing art and design disciplines and the degree to which these changes put them into question. How should these disciplines be redefined in the age of new globalized visual cultures, with such diverse phenomena as imageboard memes, drone surveillance, ‘Shanzhai’ copycat design and Post-Black art? Creating 010 actively collaborates with WdKA teachers and students, supporting their individual and project-based research into new visual cultures and new creative practices. This includes research publications, seminars, workshops, symposia and practice-oriented research projects co-produced by WdKA and Creating 010.