Audiovisual Design

Stories and messages in image and sound are everywhere around us. From cinema and television to billboards and from museums to the screens of our phones. At the Willem de Kooning Academy you will learn in a dynamic, international and urban environment how these powerful audiovisual media work and how you can apply them yourself to share the stories that are important to you.

Our Bachelor Audiovisual Design encompasses a variety of forms, techniques, styles and applications of audiovisual media.

Our students make films and videos, podcasts, installations, interactives, immersives and performances. They apply all kinds of genres: documentary, essay, fiction and everything in between. The common denominator is that the end results always focus on an involved and substantive story, which is told by means of images and sound.

The creative process is at the core of this course. We teach our students how a creative process works and how to build their own process. Conducting research, experiments and reflection are indispensable in doing so. Independently, but also together with fellow students. This way, students continue to grow and develop as creators and support each other in this learning process.

Because we operate in a broad and dynamic field, we expect an independent and enterprising attitude from our students. Besides the fixed part of the curriculum, students shape their own studies based on their own interests and needs. In the Stations of the Academy you will find a variety of knowledge, skills and techniques that you can draw on: Interaction Station, Image & Sound Station, Publication Station, Material Station, Drawing Station, Fabric Station, Business Station, Education Station and Research Station.

We educate makers who are at the heart of society and who want to contribute or change, using their own voice and skills: enterprising, critical and committed.

Cover project: MA'MAQUEEN by Esmée van Loon.



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Knowledge & skills

  • Concept development
  • Independent attitude
  • Critical and curious thinking
  • Exploring your own imagery
  • Sound and camera techniques
  • Production methods
  • Working with a crew
  • Communicating with clients/crew/audience
  • Software techniques
  • ...and more

The creative process is at the core of this course.

Career opportunities

  • All-round audiovisual designer
  • Interactive audiovisual producer
  • Director
  • Motion graphics designer
  • Sound designer
  • Editor
  • Interactive designer
  • (Audio)visual artist
  • ...and more

Next to 13 majors and three Practices WdKA offers its students high-tech meeting interdisciplinary spaces - Stations.

Stations are the place for creating prototypes, experimenting, remixing and improving your ideas. All of the Willem de Kooning Academy’s students and staff members are welcome to work in our Stations, regardless of their major specialisation, minor, elective module or study year. The Stations are where you can explore the viability of your ideas and find out how to turn them into fully-functioning creations.

Double Degree programme

Do you have an artistic or a musical talent, as well as a hunger for academic knowledge? You can now mix arts and academia in metropolitan Rotterdam. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and Codarts offer you the possibility to combine theory and practice in a five-year Double Degree programme.

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