Student Work

Graduation Series: Mia Tseboeva

Mon 13 May

Mia Tseboeva's journey into the world of film began in childhood, nurtured by her passion for storytelling and supported by her family's love for cinema. Now, as she approaches graduation as an Audiovisual Design student at WdKA, Mia reflects on her decision to pursue her dreams and create a meaningful project that explores the depths of human emotion and personal growth.

Can you tell us more about your graduation project?

"Certainly. My project revolves around the script of a short film that delves into the complexities of fear and personal responsibility. It's a dialogue-driven narrative focusing on two characters, each representing different perspectives on life. Through their argument, the film explores how fear can hold us back and the importance of taking control of our own choices."

What inspired you to choose this subject?

"I've always believed that the best stories come from personal experiences. Fear has been a significant obstacle in my own life, and I wanted to confront it through my art. By infusing my own struggles with fear into the characters, I hope to create a film that resonates with others facing similar challenges."

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

"The concept for my film came to me unexpectedly while I was applying for a grant. I knew I wanted to focus on dialogue, but the specific storyline evolved as I reflected on my own fears and regrets. It felt natural to channel these emotions into a narrative that explores the universal theme of fear and personal growth."

With graduation approaching, do you feel pressure?

"Absolutely. The transition from student to professional can be daunting, and there's a sense of responsibility that comes with it. But I'm also excited about the opportunity to showcase my work and take the next step in my career. I'm focusing on giving my project my all and embracing the journey ahead."

What aspect of your project are you most excited about?

"I'm thrilled to collaborate with others on this project. Working with a team is a new experience for me, and I'm eager to learn from their perspectives and expertise. Building connections within the film industry and honing my communication skills are also important milestones for me."

And what are your biggest fears when it comes to graduation?

"Like any artist, I worry about my vision not fully translating into the final product. But I'm not afraid of people not understanding my work; I believe art is subjective, and not everyone will connect with it, and that's okay."

How has your time at WdKA influenced your artistic journey?

"While WdKA didn't drastically change me as a person, it provided me with valuable tools and experiences to express myself more effectively. The collaborative projects and internships taught me the importance of communication and practical skills in filmmaking."

Looking back, what's the biggest difference between your first year and now?

"I've become more focused and driven, especially after my internship experience. I now understand the realities of the film industry and the importance of planning ahead. Taking my work more seriously has been a significant shift for me."

How do you plan to apply what you've learned to your graduation project?

"My previous film projects have taught me the value of collaboration and effective communication. I'm leveraging these lessons to ensure that my graduation film reflects my vision while benefiting from the input of others."

What are your plans after graduation?

"I hope to continue creating meaningful films that resonate with audiences. While I pursue my dream of making Oscar-worthy films, I'm also open to exploring different opportunities and gaining more life experiences along the way. Ultimately, I want to use film as a tool to inspire and uplift others. Sharing life lessons and experiences through storytelling is a powerful way to connect with people and make a positive impact on the world"