Mick Jongeling / IAM Weekend 2020

Willem de Kooning Academy
Tue 28 Jan
The Weirdness of Interdependencies

IAM Weekend is the annual gathering for creative thinkers & doers exploring the futures of the internet(s). IAM Weekend 2020 will be held in Barcelona on March 19-21.

This year's theme is
The Weirdness of Interdependencies. How can we change the digital economy to address the environmental emergency?

The theme for IAM Weekend 2020 is a call for organisations, designers and citizens who are shaping and participating in the digital economy, to change the digital economy and understand better its role as a strategic ecosystem to address the environmental emergency and its increasing complexity, scale and speed of change.

IAM Weekend: "After reviewing more than fifty submissions from individuals, collectives and organisations, and doing a public review with eighteen finalists, we have selected eleven proposals to join the programme of IAM Weekend 2020."

And Mick Jongeling's (alumnus Advertising, 2016) presentation "Contradictions in Climate Activism" is one of the chosen few!

Header image: identity IAM 2020


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