Graduation Show 2020

Jul 17 2020 Mar 31 2021

An Extraordinary Chain of Events!

Graduation Show Willem de Kooning Academy & Piet Zwart Institute 2020:

What to Expect

Daring innovators, this is how we call our students. With their unconventional and unique mentality, they give shape to the latest developments in the artistic, commercial and social domains. The attitude they develop at Willem de Kooning Academy ensures that they continuously hone their intuition, knowledge and skills to become the artists, designers, educators and producers of the future.

Under the extraordinary circumstances of recent months, our students have proven to be true pioneers. This applies particularly to our graduate students, who had to adjust and fundamentally revise their plans, right in the middle of their graduation process as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than ever, the graduates of 2020 deserve to present their graduation work and themselves to the world in a grand and compelling way. To provide this, the Academy has developed a new and radically different form of presentation, which is a product of collective research and reflection. A form of presentation that will do justice to the work of the graduates and can be carried out properly within the guidelines of RIVM. We are proud to announce The Chain of Events, with which we will present the work of our brand-new alumni. And we are happy to share the first results of our joint effort with the world: the online platform holding Graduation Catalogue and Graduation Show programme that will last until the end of March 2021.

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Please keep an eye on this page for continuous programming.

October & November 2020

October 15-18, 2020 | Fashion Experience - Online Event 
From October 15-18, the Willem de Kooning Academy's Fashion Design graduates 2020 hosted their online Fashion Experience.
Please visit their website for interviews and 360 Tour of their Fashion Experience here.

October 26 - November 4, 2020 | Jury-sittings Drempelprijzen and BA & MA Research Awards
The nominees have received a detailed mail on Thursday, October 8th.

November 4, 2020 | Too Little,Too Late? at BlueCity, Rotterdam
We would like to invite you to Too Little,Too Late; an online event where a new generation designers and artists question the global warming, the ‘Problem from Hell’. These graduates do not provide a tailor-made solution, but because of their critical view and imagination they offer new prospects. This online event is a part of the online Climate Weeks Amsterdam and Rotterdam and of the Climate festival Groenlicht, organised by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

November 19, 2020 | Research Festival. Zoom-in, Research at WdKA and Drempelprijzen & Research Awards Ceremony
This half-day online programme devoted to doing Research at WdKA will be concluded by Drempelprijzen and Research Awards ceremonies.

November 27 - December 4, 2020 | Piet Zwart Institute: Master Fine Art Graduation Exhibition at the former Archive building, Robert Fruinstraat, Rotterdam  
A separate invitation with detailed information and codes of conduct will be sent to all our relations and partners later this month.  
Please note: For all the live events outside the WdKA buildings, we follow the municipality's regulations and guidelines for art spaces and musea. We will organise the events only if we can guarantee our participants and visitors a safe and pleasant stay according to the Dutch government guidelines.

Next to the programme initiated by WdKA, many of our graduates are working on the organisation of their own events. We are proud to promote these events on our websites and social media.

October 17-25, 2020 | Dutch Design Week
WdKA and PZI graduates will participate in Dutch Design Week 2020 virtual festival. Please let us know if you are participating and would like us to share your event on this page and social media. 
October 16-17, 2020 | CHECK IN/OUT in Art Lab Hilton, Rotterdam
An initiative of fifteen De-Fine Art graduates 2020 in Art Lab Hilton. Opening Friday, October 16 at 17:00-19:00 hrs. The exhibition is open for public on October 16-17, 12:00-17:00 hrs. 
November 25 , 2020 | ALL INN - National Fine Art Graduation Show in Het HEM, Zaandam (this event is in a concept phase, we'll keep you posted)
This podium will show the year 2020 graduation projects of 170 students of all Art Schools in the Netherlands.

We are working further on October – March events calendar. Detailed information about The Chain of Events and the plans for the following months will be continuously announced in the following newsletters, WdKA main site and socials and Graduation Catalogue 2020 platform.

Previous Events

August 2020

August 2020 has marked the start of the series of more online and physical events that will run until the end of March 2021. The work of Bachelor and Master alumni can be seen, experienced, admired and discussed in various places in the city. The main location is the building of the former City Archives on Robert Fruinstraat, which was made available to us by Stichting Kunstaccomodatie Rotterdam (SKAR). In addition to the exhibition, various programmes and events will take place there.

Our Extraordinary Chain of Events continues with the kick-off of a WalkByExhibition on billboards throughout the city of Rotterdam. Check here for the exact locations. All works were freely accessible outdoors from Monday, August 10 until August 23.

July 2020

The Experimental Publishing (XPUB) class of 2020 has celebrated their graduation with the launch of the final publication, Collectiveioning.

The students presented collective and individual research on Friday, July 10, 2020, followed by a Q & A session. Although the presentation will be concise and spectacular, if you miss it, a web-to-print website will remain online, where you can choose to make your own co(ll/nn)ections. You may also print out what you collect from it at your own leisure. A complete, deluxe, shelf object (i.e. a printed version) will follow in October 2020.

We have commenced the Chain of Events on July 17, 2020, with:

• The launch/presentation of the online platform, where our graduates will share their practices with the world.

• The presentation of the Putsebocht Award, that will provide the winner with a SKAR workspace based on an entrepreneurial plan for the future.

• The kick-off of a WalkByExhibition on billboards throughout the city of Rotterdam. All work was freely accessible outdoors from August, 10, the city was our exhibition space for a few weeks.

• And of course, the festive and long-awaited moment of the Graduation Ceremony!

Let us act together and commit to a strong and vibrant art and culture sector in this city!

In recent years we all have seen that continuous collaboration in the strengthening of the cultural and creative sector in Rotterdam and beyond, is of vital importance and a matter of survival. And now, more than ever, we are committed to further building of a strong and vibrant art and culture sector.

We believe it is essential to work together with the various cultural institutions and initiatives, large and small, to ensure that the new generation of creatives gets the best platform to show their work. As our main partner and the first in a series of cooperating partners, SKAR facilitates the exhibition/studios spaces in the old City Archive building, which will be our main exhibition location.

We are looking for further connections with a wide range of partners and events in the local and national sector of arts, culture and design. We would, therefore, like to appeal to all institutions and organisations that are passionate about art, design and culture: let us act together and commit to a strong and vibrant art and culture sector in this city!

Be the first to hear about our future plans

Stay informed about our programme, get in touch with our alumni and be the first to hear about our future plans. We will keep the programme up-to-date at and (live on July 17th), and invite everyone who would like to stay informed to follow us on WdKA Instagram and Facebook or sign up here to receive updates. Questions, requests or interested in collaboration? Please contact Carmen de Groot,

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Graduation Show 2020 Design Team

We'd like to give a very special shout-out to the second year designers/Graduation Show 2020 Design Team and Tutor Renate Boere, who have created this year's Graduation Show identity: Hannah Kloosterman, Ymar de Jong, Wouter Oomen, Meeuwis Aalberts and Georgina Henry. Next week, we'll publish here the story about how they have experienced working on this grand project in dire straits of the isolation and lockdown.