Graduation 2020 Chain of Events / Fashion Experience

Oct 15 2020 Oct 18 2020

From October 15-18, the Willem de Kooning Academy's Fashion Design graduates 2020 hosted their online Fashion Experience.

Please visit their website for interviews and 360 Tour of their Fashion Experience here.


"We have graduated only a month ago and are now eager to show our work to the world. The world of fashion and fashion branch is rapidly changing - this is something that we have experienced and learned over the past four years. This is why we, the freshly graduated designers, would like to present our different perspectives on fashion to move, inspire and influence the audience. Fashion Experience is a dynamic exhibition that focuses on the diversity of fashion, introducing different points of view and fashion-related projects. Our programme includes innovation, new materials, social design, autonomous work, cultural diversity researches and more. During the Fashion Experience, we encourage visitors to walk around and experience our projects, from the birth of the concept to the final result and even further.

Our graduates have collaborated with the fashion platform Not Just A Label in creating Fashion Experience event.

This event is a part of the Graduation Show 2020 Chain of Events programme. To view the full (still growing) programme please visit the main page, Graduation Show 2020.