Graduates'20 / Outstanding Performances / Awards

Willem de Kooning Academy
Thu 1 Oct

The awards for outstanding projects, BA and MA, will be handed out in November 2020. Date to be announced.

Research Awards

The Willem de Kooning Research Award was established by the Willem de Kooning Foundation in 2015 to emphasise the central role of art and design research within the newly introduced curriculum.  The Willem de Kooning Research Awards are no prizes for just theses or research documents but for projects merging theory and practice where art or design work is a vital part of the research. The Awards are granted to Bachelor and Master graduation projects that combine theoretical and field research with artistic research and which provide new insights to broader audiences of experts and the public at large. Next to the prize money of € 1500, € 1000 and € 500 for Bachelor graduates and € 2000 for a Master graduate, one Bachelor and one Master project will also be honoured with a publication. These publications are not conventional research books or catalogues, but experimental publications to be developed within WdKA’s Hybrid Publishing Practices. The publication can take any form that is best suited to each project: electronic and print, performative, presentational.

Nominees Bachelor

Autonomous Practices

Critical Studies: Maxime Wijnant

Digital Craft: Tim van Hooft

Hacking: Nicky Vollebregt 

Public & Private: Stefan Makkus

Commercial Practices

Branding: Tom Meeuwsen

Data Design: Stella Shi

New Frontiers: Renée Spanjer, Katinka van Berlo

Social Practices: 

Cultural Diversity: Faye Cheng, Lot Bordeaux

New Earth: Lara Warson

Powerplay: Joy Hsu

Honours Programme:

Visual Culture: Veerle van Herk

RASL: Sarafina van Ast

Nominees Master:

Master Media Design Experimental Publishing: Paloma García García

Master Media Design Lens-Based: Sonia Mangiapane

Master Education in Arts: Adam Patterson

Master Design: Maike Klip

Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design: Ceci Sariol

Master Fine Art: Christine Ayo


The Drempelprijs has been awarded annually since 1962 by the Municipality of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam) to one or more graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Originally, the prize was awarded only to fine art graduates; since 1968 applied arts graduates have also been eligible. The prize is an incentive award, with a nice sum of money: € 5,000. In the WdKA’s new curriculum, the traditional distinction between fine art and applied work is no longer considered relevant. Since 2014, the Drempelprijs awarded to students within the three graduation profiles: autonomous, social and commercial practices.

Nominees, Autonomous Practices

Advertising: Maxime Wijnant, Rens van Strien
Animation: Vince Talbot, Daphne de Haas
Audiovisual Design: Younes Laaguidi, Luni Milda Jančoraitė
Fine Art: Amy Hill, Kee van der Meer
Fine Art & Design Teacher Training: Karlijn de Lange
Graphic Design: Tim van Hooft
Illustration: Nadja Stolarski
Lifestyle Transformation Design: Alexander van der Heide, Giovanni Maisto Ferreira
Photography: Sanneke Kleingeld
Product Design: Nicky Vollebregt
Spatial Design: Eva van der Cammen

Nominees, Commercial Practices

Advertising: Jesse van Maanen
Animation: Esra Karaman
Audiovisual Design: Sandrino Cayo Huerta
Fashion Design: Carmen Luijt
Fine Art: Jette Vogel
Fine Art & Design Teacher Training: Danley Herkenraad
Graphic Design: Stella Shi
Illustration: Salavatore Akrum
Lifestyle Transformation Design: Vivian Huizenga
Product Design: Maaike van Papeveld
Product Design: Renée Spanjer
Spatial Design: Katinka van Berlo

Nominees, Social Practices

Advertising: Ankie van den Bogaert
Fashion Design: Linn Alleman, Lara Warson
Fine Art: Sarafina van Ast, Divyangi Shukla
Fine Art & Design Teacher Training part-time: Jasmijn Simons
Graphic Design: Faye Cheng
Illustration: Sophia Bernson, Veerle van Herk
Lifestyle Transformation Design: Elnaz Assarzadegan
Photography: Jip van de Beek
Photography: Campara Rozina
Product Design: Britt van den Berg
Spatial Design: Nikki de Pree

Research Award and Drempelprijs ceremony for graduates 2020 will take place in October.