ZOOM-IN, fifteen film portraits of Graduates 2020

Willem de Kooning Academy
Wed 9 Dec


In the period March to July 2020, we followed fifteen students who were about to graduate at the Willem de Kooning Academy. We interviewed them about the way they conduct research.

In addition, we asked them to document and film their research and to share their moments of making, doubting and reflecting on their work.

These interviews and their 'vlogs' resulted in fifteen film portraits.

Click here for all fifteen portraits.


WHY did we make ZOOM - IN

We initiated this project because we were curious about the different perspectives our students have on what research entails. We also wanted to show the diversity and complexity in the way our students are conducting artistic and design research.

We also hope to learn from them and sharpen our vison on how to teach and support our graduating students in the future.

HOW did we make ZOOM - IN

We interviewed fifteen students over at least three moments, according to a fixed pattern. That is, by means of the same questions. Good questions are crucial; they  give insight into the research and at the same time give students the opportunity to reflect on their process.

In addition, we asked the students to keep a video blog that they shared with us.

For this assignment the students received guidelines, for instance we asked them to not only talk on camera but also show their making process and share their failures and doubts. This contribution forms the basis for the film portraits which gives you a very close insight in their creative process.

For whom is this interesting?

In the first place, this is meaningful for the students - who will graduate next year. In the second place, it provides lecturers with tools to discuss the role of (creative) research within art education. Our third goal is to show a larger audience how a graduation process looks like.


What is the FUTURE of ZOOM - IN?

We aim for more ZOOM-IN portraits in the future. Starting with the graduates of 2021. As a series, this will show the changing of our education and the time we live in. Like this year is greatly influenced by COVID, it is interesting to see how themes and topics in the future will be influenced by current events.


What did you LEARN from making ZOOM - IN?

By showing the different perspectives and ways of doing research, we hope that ZOOM-IN will help to open up the dialogue and to have a better understanding of what artistic and design research entails.
We also discovered that our method of working; conducting interviews and asking students to share their research and making process was helpful for our graduate students to structure their thoughts and help them reflecting on their work. We hope that our method will be developed further as a didactical tool.


Special thanks to the graduates! Click on the links below to see their film portraits.

Linn Alleman
Noëlle van Dijk
Esra Karaman
Zoë Pour Hossein Kiani
Judith van Lamoen
Tom Meeuwsen
Johana Molina Muñoz
Maaike van Papeveld
Falkona Rexhepi
Renée Spanjer
Simon van Soolingen
Vince Talbot
Alexander Tomoyoshi Teratani
Shiyue Wang
Mirte de Wit

Thanks to all graduation supervisors and external partners who were involved in the creation of the work of these graduates

Commissioned by Willem de Kooning Academy
Charlotte Bik en Roger Teeuwen

Idea, research and interviews
Jojanneke Gijsen en Aldje van Meer

Concept development and direction
Katja van der Sandt

Jerry Estié

Hans Peter Wessels