Sometimes I Speak Without Talking

Salvatore Akrum
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Branding
Major Illustration
Year Fourth Year

Nominee: Drempelprijs Commercial Practices 2020

With his graduation project, Salvatore Angelo Sergio Akrum created a starting point for a new artistic movement, were creatives work multidisciplinary between art & design and the arts of movement. This movement sets the goal towards making society more conscious, about the human body and its emotional and expressive values which are to be found back in our body language.

On his journey of becoming a hybrid of himself, between an illustrator and a dancer, he made his first impressions where he worked fully multidisciplinary towards a visual creation.

With his conversation piece “Soms spreek ik zonder te praten” he created a bundled book of poems with illustrations that were created out of his dance routines.

As individuals, we all have our own stories, experiences, opinions and ways of thinking, which are both positive and negative. In the 21st century, we like to share almost all of this with the world via different media. Yet often, we don’t dare to share our negative moods, experiences and stories which we prefer to keep behind closed doors.

Since when have we become ashamed of these negative states of mind?
Is it because we are afraid of not being understood?
Or is it that we don’t want to be labelled?

It may be that the other person cannot relate to your state of mind, but this is because of the context of your story and experience in which this negative state of mind has occurred. When we look deeper at the core, we find that every negative and positive experience comes down to our feelings and emotions. When it comes to this, every human being has the capability of these emotional feelings.

When we learn to look beyond the context of the problem, we’ll see that we will never be alone.
What we can do about this is to open ourselves up to both positive and negative feelings. Take a step back and observe what it does to you both mentally and physically from within the body, and learn from this. When we accept our darkest sides, we’ll also learn that there is no reason for shame, panic, fear or insecurity.

When this is achieved, a cohesive society can be created in which we can be there for each other in both the beautiful and difficult periods of time.

Making of the illustrations for "Soms spreek ik zonder te praten". Dance routine.

With the poems of “Soms spreek ik zonder te praten” Salvatore takes you different scenarios in which the feelings of shame, panic, fear, loneliness, sadness, anger and insecurity occur. When we read the poems we will have different perceptions and we may not be able to associate ourselves with all of them, which is normal because nobody lives the same life. With his conversation piece, he is inviting the readers to look beyond the context of the poems and focus on the emotional value of his book. These can be found in both the essence of the poems and also in the muscles and movements carried through from dance into illustrations.

The making of the illustration for "Soms spreek ik zonder te praten.

To move, is to feel.
Through feeling,
We can express.
Therefore we design

This is the dawn of a Movement Designer,
and the start of the vision of The Movement Design.