Product Design

The Art of Motion

Tom Meeuwsen
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Branding
Major Product Design
Year Fourth Year

Nominee: Bachelor Research Award 2020

The Art of Motion is an online exhibition that focusses on documenting an almost lost profession called coachbuilding. I record and reflect on every aspect of the trade I experienced while building my own car titled MONO P-189.

I highlight certain shortcomings and possible positive outcomes for coachbuilding. I reflect on these outcomes by comparing coachbuilding to our present-day mass-manufacturing automotive industry.

I search for answers as to what led to the disappearance of coachbuilding. While at the same time, searching for ways to place and reintroduction the profession in our present-day market.
My ultimate goal is to pass on the knowledge I obtained by researching this profession. My project shows what can be achieved by coachbuilding.

In my research, I have placed myself in the role of engineer, maker, and designer. By doing so, I have allowed me to understand and experience every aspect of coachbuilding and car manufacturing.

It allowed me to see where certain things could be done better and where innovation could be applied. At these times, I innovated via the usage of state of the art technology, that I either implemented or designed and engineered myself.

In my research, I conclude that there is a booming market to be explored, I have experienced this while building and designing my automobile.

I will explore a new future for coachbuilding. The MONO P-189 is the first car that will set in motion a new practice in which I will build and design more automobiles to come.