Master Media Design: Lens-Based

The Ministry of Anomie

Julia Kul
Major Master Media Design: Lens-Based
Year Graduation Project

The Anomic Ministry

The Anomic Ministry project relates to the idea of the absurd correction of existing, often oppressive grammar of our surrounding.
It has started with the assumption that even the most obvious and mundane fragment of our everyday reality might be understood as a potential game board that ask its users to re-write, re-imagine, or at least question the encountered set of rules.

The Anomic Ministry researches the ordinary structure: city streets, supermarkets, schools, trams, garbage bins, rooftops, museums, as well as private bathrooms since all of these little systems betray the variety of political discourses, identities, and social realities we are woven into as regular participants; they also carry various ideological meaning that had been prescribe to us without asking for permission.

Ministry trailer 2

By proposing a serious of participatory experiments, the Ministry investigates the modes of social interaction and communication within fragmentary micro-environments of a city; it examines the mechanisms of subordination and submission to regulative, yet often-subjective rules that, under the guise of functionality and common good, conceal a discriminative and excluding character. The Ministry often use the game-like strategy to create playful exploration frameworks to identify and track the dynamic of neo-liberal standards that, while presenting themselves as similarly playful, tend to be brutally exploitative. The Ministry produces fictitious scenarios, literary fiction, and literal provocations.

Street Game – explore the local

Together with many unsuspecting passers-by the Ministry tries to re-design the terms and conditions of communal bonding, blurry the cultural simplifications, and battle through collective anxiety lurking around every corner of the western democracies.

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Nominations: Master Research Award 2017