Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, you connect your fascination and observations to those of your clients, other designers and the public.

Department of Graphic Design at WdKA educates a new generation of designers who are engaged, critical, curious and able to relate to the public and clients from an artistic and independent position.

We educate makers who – by exploring the responsibility and power of graphic design – are able to relate to social, cultural, political, commercial and technological issues in contemporary society.

Graphic designers want to communicate. Give shape to information in words and images, and tell a story to a specific audience through various media. Design identity and interact with users. As a graphic designer, you connect your fascination and observations to those of your clients, other designers and the public. You want to have a presence everywhere where communication is needed.

The profession of graphic design has a long tradition. The basis of the discipline is the design of print such as books, house styles and posters. In recent decades, graphic design has broadened to include different forms of media such as websites, apps, film and video, interactive installations, exhibitions and interventions in public space. These developments mean that graphic design is rarely clear-cut. It is in the process of transformation and creates much space for innovation.

At the Department of Graphic Design at WdKA, we expect from our students to have individual, always questioning, open and enterprising attitude towards the subject, society, the media, the academy and themselves. Continuous self-reflection during your studies is a condition to arrive at a clear perspective about how you will position yourself as a graphic designer in the world.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Identity, editorial & interface design
  • Information journalism
  • Media and communication strategy
  • (Hybrid) publishing
  • Production techniques
  • Software
  • ...and more

Cover project: Hard Facts, Soft Interpretations by Amy Guijt.

Every era contains the conditions for providing a rebel.

Piet Zwart

Career opportunities

  • Graphic designer within an infinite variety of practices

Next to 13 majors and three Practices WdKA offers its students high-tech meeting interdisciplinary spaces - Stations. Stations are the place for creating prototypes, experimenting, remixing and improving your ideas. All of our students and staff members are welcome to work in our Stations, regardless of their major, minor, elective module or study year. In the Stations you explore the viability of your ideas and find out how to turn them into fully-functioning creations.

Double Degree programme

Do you have an artistic or a musical talent, as well as a hunger for academic knowledge? You can now mix arts and academia in metropolitan Rotterdam. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and Codarts offer you the possibility to combine theory and practice in a five-year Double Degree programme.


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