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The Dustjacket

Ilse van den Dungen & Felix Leenders
Practice Social Practices
Project Sustainability
Major Advertising & Beyond
Year Fourth Year

Dust is an excellent isolator!

The Dustjacket is a collaboration project by Ilse van den Dungen & Felix Leenders

Ilse likes to face problems which are hard to face. She likes to shock people with facts which are a taboo, to open up their eyes.

Felix uses his creativity to express what he thinks, to convince people of his opinion and show what should change. Helping brands show their vision in a unique way. Lost on a mission in the digital world Felix combines existing ideas to create something new. Driven by the daily problems we face as mankind.

Ever thought of re-using the skin-cells? Or, perhaps, fallen out hair? Dust was completely useless until Ilse and Felix - they have found a way to recycle and put it to use. People normally see dust as something nasty, something that should be thrown away. A shame! Dust contains our own body waste and is, for this reason, an excellent isolator. Dustjacket designed by Ilse and Felix goes extreme into re-using our daily waste in items of clothing. Just connect your vacuum cleaner to the jacket and start filling. Re-ware your body waste with the Dustjacket!

Website Felix Leenders. Ilse's website is under construction. Until it is ready please visit her Instagram.

Dustjacket is part of the Future Flux Festival theme ‘Circular economy: waste is money, find new ways to re-use waste’.