Graphic Design

The Codemandments

Jerry Estié
Practice Commercial Practices
Project New Frontiers
Major Graphic Design
Year Fourth Year

The Codemandments lay the groundwork for a discussion on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

GOGBOT Festival 2018: "Artificial Intelligence is emergent. If we are not proactive with regulations for the AI industry, it will be too late. Jerry Estié's project lays a groundwork for regulations focused on AI & Ethics. It establishes a dialogue with different audiences and professional disciplines in order to envision a sustainable and safe society in which we co-exist with AI."

This project started with a warning from Elon Musk: He asserts that the fast-paced advancement of AI technologies asks for a more proactive response in terms of regulations, for there would be no way back once we have reached a certain point. I started researching what future regulations could look like. The results of my research show that the rapid, unchecked, technological advancements of AI technologies go hand in hand with many (ethical) implications.

An important part of my research results was the observation that there’s a lack of consensus on many drafted regulations, which became extremely apparent when discussing the following rule; AI is a tool, it cannot receive citizenship, personal credentials or rights. Hence, while the project started as a draft for AI regulation, it seemingly invited for a broader and essentially interdisciplinary discussion about the ethics of AI and its proposed regulations. While researchers, government officials and corporations are all disagreeing with one another, the industry is advancing at a breakneck pace, with no one in place to hit the brakes.


The website shows each rule with an agree or disagree option. After voting, the results of other voters are shown, showing the divide on how the general public thinks we should handle regulation for AI.



The future of Artificial Intelligence will involve everyone. The end of the Codemandments website helps the readers to inform themselves about the latest AI advancements, to see what their governments are up to concerning AI, and, where needed, to take action.


Visit the updated installation this September during GOGBOT in Enschede or next year at TEC-ART Rotterdam. The website is always available.

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