Advertising & Beyond

The Cloud Decoded

Mick Jongeling
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Branding
Major Advertising & Beyond
Year Fourth Year

This project, that originally had commenced as a research within the Commercial Practices (Branding), has later evolved into a trans-disciplinary case and can now also qualify as an Autonomous Practices project (Critical Studies) as well as a Social Practices project (Sustainability).

Information is the resolution of uncertainty

The Cloud Decoded, graduation project WdKA (2016)

The Cloud Decoded is an interactive installation that visualises the Cloud. The installation reacts to the three hashtags used during the WDKA finals #CreatingPioneers #WDKA and #Finals2016. Every online post gets processed by the computers, those represent the data centers that house, compress and upload the content.This process is polluting, emitting around 300 million metric tonnes of Carbon-Dioxide a year. That is the equivalent of 4000 households in the Netherlands.The physical Cloud is contrasted by the Metaphorical Cloud, a floating, light image above our heads. Every time the computers have processed 300 images, it emits smoke into the metaphorical Cloud, making it polluting and dangerous.

The Cloud Decoded, installation

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