Spatial Design

Enclosed yet not Segregated

Līva Sadovska
Capsule Event
Project Capsule
Major Spatial Design
Year First Year

This project is a part of Term 1 that focuses on designing of life-size spatial objects to learn the basics of Object, Space, Light, Order and Surface Modulation. Students learn how to build relationships between spaces, functions and routes in an apartment and how to construct and articulate these spaces with materials. The visual representation in all phases is a key element.

The Cardboardillo

A capsule, by definition, is a compact often sealed container or compartment. Often it is used within a context of medicine or biology to refer to a space for organs or plants to be nestled within.  A capsule provides enclosure, exclusion, protection. However, if we were to put a human inside, the functions would remain the same. It would still go by means of shelter and private territory.

Left to our own interpretation of a capsule completely in cardboard, the shelter that I have created is to be associated with a shell. This shell can be traced back to the well-known animal - the armadillo. The primary function of its shell is to protect, enclose it from the outside world. I tried to convey that same idea in my work.

From the outside it appears spiky - almost sharp to the touch - whereas on the inside the organic shape maintains a rather cozy atmosphere, one ideal for slumber.  The angular placement of the scales plays on the aspect of light - on the front portion of the body more light is let in, whereas the rear end is completely closed off by closely placed scales. This creates the "enclosed but not segregated" quality. A part of the assignment was to create a space where we would spend the night in to fully submerge to our own design, and I can truly say that I slept tight in my snug shell.