Graphic Design

Say What?!

Jasmijn Hoekman
Practice Social Practices
Project Gamification
Major Graphic Design
Year Fourth Year


88% of the self-made sexual photos or videos that are sent to others end up being exposed on various websites, with disastrous consequences. Especially this affects teenagers, causing them to struggle with guilt and shame.

Is it stupid, is it dumb?

Revelations of this sort cause psychological damage and ensure that young people won’t talk openly about this. But is it stupid, is it dumb? Is it their fault if their nude photo leaks?

Because it is such a taboo to talk about these questions, I designed "Say What!?". This method involves different game elements, that trigger discussion among teenagers about sexting. Designed to be used in mentor classes at high schools. While participating in this game, pupils will develop empathy and may change their behaviour towards the victims of sexting.

Read more about the process and research here.

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