Graphic Design


DooWon Kim
Project Material Experiment
Major Graphic Design
Year Third Year

Third year graphic design students each investigated a material of own choice during the tenth quarter. Through in-depth research and experiments they dissected material and transformed it into a new being.


Paracord is a type of cord that is used by the military for parachutes and in addition, it has been considered as a survival item due to its durability and flexibility. Knowing its potential and core properties, an attempt was made to create a tool that would benefit graphic designers. The result is a variety of brushes that can be created with knotting and some touch of fire.

For designers, a common problem that almost everyone will experience would be getting too stressed out, overly complicating matters and worrying too much. Paracord can be a handy resource for designers to meditate in between moments of chaos and also as a personalized flexible brush tool.

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