Graphic Design

JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out

Elmar Janse
Practice Commercial Practices
Project Branding
Major Graphic Design
Year Fourth Year

JOMO allows consumers to look at the use and impact of social media in a different way

Digital techniques become increasingly an extension of the body and the boundaries between online and offline fades further and further. We know how many benefits that this digital age offers but it also has major consequences for both the physical and mental health. Fear of Missing out (FOMO) is one of the biggest issues around social media.

FOMO is the fear of having made the wrong decision on how to spend time, as "you can imagine how things could have been different". You might have already experienced the fear of missing out when you saw the pictures of nice vacations others were sharing on social media. We all constantly have the urge to take photos and share moments.

JOMO Introduction

A temporary decoupling from social media can cause a big change in how people experience their lives. People start having a ‘vacation feeling’ once away from the social media. That is the reason why I came up with an idea of a travel agency called JOMO that stands for Joy of Missing out. JOMO is a travel agency that creates vacations based on where your followers have been. On the website of JOMO you can generate a vacation that will go 180 degrees the opposite way from where your social media friends are going to.