Master Design

Jazz Improvisation And Design Processes

Jurgen Wiegeraad
Exploring the core values of improvisation and translate them into design methodology.
Major Master Design
Year first year

Jurgen is graphic designer and co-owner of Thomas & Jurgen, Graphic Design Studio, Rotterdam. Furthermore he is teacher ‘design processes’ in the pre-education of AKV St. Joost. Besides being a designer he is a music lover; especially jazz/improvisation fascinates him enormously. He finds it enchanting to hear what, and to see how a great musical mind can create spontaneously. In his design research he is looking for parallels between design processes and jazz/improvisation, in which there is a search for freedom within a structure or framework. He is exploring the core values of improvisation and translating them into his own design methodology.

I’ll play it and tell you what it is later.

Miles Davis