Leisure & Events Management

FORM Rotterdam

FORM Rotterdam
Major Leisure & Events Management
Year Second Year

Creative online & offline platform focused on art, fashion & music

FORM is:

  • Myka Stobbe
  • Mark van Gogh
  • Jelle Seinen
  • Juriaan Schot
  • Jaïr Umarella
  • Nomad van Doorn

FORM is a team of six students united by their passion for art, music and fashion. We have noticed that many people are drawn to the same mainstream genres, styles and artists, whereas the smaller and less known artists are often overlooked and don’t receive the attention they deserve. We thought of a solution, a platform for the talented artists where they can show their work and share their stories. We believe that once you have met one of these artists, musicians or fashion designers it will motivate you to try to discover more of them. FORM commences this voyage of discovery together with you and shares its discoveries both online (website) and offline (events).

View the current Open Call here.