Graphic Design

Diverse Universe

Diverse Universe
Project Second Year Major
Major Graphic Design
Year Second Year

Racism, a spectacle on its own, that can be dated back to the very beginning of the 17th century, had eventually evolved over time and now presents itself in various ways/situations. It is still present nowadays despite the many years had passed. Stemming from the general idea of racism, our group's event focuses on the topics of ethnicity and diversity.

Our event entails an interactive station and a workshop-based installation, that both help to create awareness and launch an open attitude towards ethnicity and thus tackling racism. Our event allows the audience to experience self-realisation and self-appropriation through the act of a small activity: going through a questionnaire-video that guides the participant in creating a conversational pin, a diagram of the views and biases.

Ideally, we would like to raise awareness of people's own racial biases, subconscious or not, without placing negative labels upon them. We would like to give people an opportunity to think and reflect on themselves and own behaviour regarding this issue.

This project is a part of the 'STAGE 21’ event. STAGE 21’ is a Graphic Design second-year student exhibition answering actual questions with collaborative projects encompassing and dealing with different perspectives of what a spectacle in the 21st century could be.