Master Design

Designing Now

Isabel Quiroga
Major Master Design
Year First Year

Society has changed in recent years and this transition is reflected in the development of the design profession. The flashy product became less important. Instead, the designer increasingly questions problems within society, such as climate change, social inequality or the refugee crisis.

Isabel researches different design forms, such as critical design and design activism, to explore new perspectives. Her design challenge at the start of her study with the Master Design was how she wants to relate to these questions. What story does she want to tell with her designs, and in which context? The following sub-topics are important for her:

  • Circular economy: what does it mean to be an entrepreneur.
  • New materials & techniques: which materials fit within circular entrepreneurship?
  • Content: which are important stories to tell through design?


Originally storage for reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers; Zin functions as well as a coffee table. With the help of the leather handle, Zin can be carried to the desired space and a warm cup of coffee can be enjoyed while reading. Zin is handmade and produced by Uniqka and is an Istanbul-based design brand, focusing on craft and material. Carrying forward the heritage of art and craftsmanship of four generations.

Back to Basic Lamp

It started with collecting leftovers during a project, not knowing what to do with it. But it was clear that it is a shame to throw this small piece of walnut away. It all started with this small piece and I ended up with a huge box of leftovers. And this is what they ended up: A series of desk lamps. Every lamp is a unique piece and can’t be reproduced.

Urban Nomad Revisited

The design of the Urban Nomad revisited is the result of playing with the simplicity of material and function. Also, this edition of a mobile workspace offers everything you need as an urban nomad. On the desktop, you find storage for your pen and pencils, for your mobile phone and a board where you can put on notes. Under the desktop you find electricity device to recharge your mobile phone and your laptop.

If you want to know more visit Isabel's website and design research page.