Master Design

Designing Accessibility

Vasilis van Gemert
Major Master Design
Year Graduation Project

We have reached peak graphical user interface. But we’re just starting out with climbing the mountain of non-graphical user interfaces.

Vasilis teaches web design and web development to the next generation of digital designers at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. He really likes the web because of one of its founding principles, which says that the web is there for everyone. This principle is the reason why the web is such a chaotic medium.

He focuses on people with disabilities, who, just like everybody, want a pleasurable user experience on the web as well. Right now accessible web design is approached with an engineering mindset at best: if it works it’s good enough. Vasilis thinks that we need to be more ambitious in this field. By creating tailor-made exclusive designs for real people with real disabilities he is trying to get the accessible web beyond the merely functional and into the field of real design.

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