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Cyber Weapons Store

Felicia Spans
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Year Fourth Year

There is an invisible war going on in a new dimension. That Dimension is called ‘Cyber’. 100 cyber attacks a minute are happening all over the world and we have no clue. That is where I asked myself: How can we prevent a third world war?

So I became a legal cyberweapon dealer

I have found out that this cyberwar has its own weapons. Cyberweapons. Like a DDoS attack which turns off websites or can lead to a shut down of an entire hospital. The weird part is, we call them weapons, but they are not considered as weapons by the law.
Which means, everyone can have them and they are fully legal in The Netherlands. It is not that weird that there is so much cyber criminality then. Everyone has access to cyber weapons.

Registered cyberweapon dealer

So, if anyone can have those cyber weapons, could I start my own legal store? I have registered my company at the Chamber of Commerce by the name and now I am a fully legal cyberweapon dealer.


The police agree

I work with hackers all over the world to import cyberweapons that I can sell on my webshop. Also, I have contacted the police, even had a meeting at their headquarters in Rotterdam to inform them about my weapon store. After my presentation, I have asked if this was legal. They looked into it, consulted the Minister of Justice and a couple of days later reassured me in their mail that I could not get in jail for selling cyber weapons. It is completely legal what I am doing albeit they themselves have found this a weird message.


Press the button and launch a war

My graduation exhibition is set around a button. That button is connected directly to my web-store. Once the button is pressed, my campaign and the store go live and you will launch a legal war. I hope this will raise questions in our society and government. In my opinion, this should not be possible. The cyber weapons are dangerous. I hope, with my project, I can educate Dutch citizens about cyber warfare and cyber weapons.