Master Design

Collecting Stories

Britt Hoogenboom
Major Master Design
Year Graduation Year

As a graphic designer Britt Hoogenboom is constantly working on storytelling, the search for the best form for telling visual stories. She wonders what the audience actually sees. What different or corresponding meanings does it read in the media images?

Britt uses news images to create substantive dialogues. In times of echo chambers and filter bubbles, she tries to broaden looks and breakthrough tunnel visions. In contrast to the current debate that states that news images feed contemporary polarization, she connects people with those news images. Inviting people to view stories from multiple perspectives, she tries to answer her design question: How can I use media images to collect and share stories that help people understand each other better?

Britt works with both news consumers and news producers, in timeline conversations investigating visual memory, and in image conversations giving insight into the personal viewing process of her participants.

Britt is especially interested in media & imaging, perception & interpretation, awareness & delay and empathy & connection. If you want to know more, visit her research blog.