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Jochem van Schip
an online/offline way for anonymous whistleblowers
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Project Hacking
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Year Fourth Year

When a whistle-blower's identity becomes public, their life as they know it is at risk, to the point of being destroyed.

Anne Scheltema Beduin, Transparency International

Project code/coat is an answer to the data-driven surveillance state and a tool that provides online and offline anonymity for whistle-blowers.

code provides online anonymity through a manual. The manual guides you how to come in contact with the media, and can be found on the deepweb.

coat provides offline anonymity through a coat/jacket. The outside of this coat looks very average, this helps you to blend in the mass. The inside of the jacket holds some tools, like a Faraday cage pocket, that help to make your mobile untraceable, and a posture-changer that makes you unrecognizable for surveillance cameras.

code/coat research documentary (in Dutch)

For this project Jochem worked together with various experts:

privacy jurist Merel Koning, co-developer Tails Jurre van Bergen, whistle-blower Victor van Wulfen, ex-Technical Director NSA and whistle-blower William Binney, fashion designer Helma Janssen and Bellingcat journalist Christiaan Triebert.

Winning project of Young Talent Award Manifestations, the biggest Tech and Art event of the Dutch Design Week.

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