Advertising & Beyond

Burger Controle (Citizen Control)

Arieke van Liere
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Hacking
Major Advertising & Beyond
Year Fourth Year

Questioning the Dutch integration system – design for debate

To become a Dutch citizen, merely to have knowledge of our legal system is not sufficient. New entrants must conform to our standards and values that are recorded in “de Inburgeringscursus” (the Dutch integration course). These norms and values are not registered in Dutch Constitution, yet they are still a legal requirement. If you as a newcomer do not comply, fines or penalties will follow and in the worst-case scenario, you will be deported. In my opinion, this means we can indeed speak of the new laws. According to Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution, "all who are in the Netherlands must be treated equally". Burger Controle shows what can happen if the integration standard from now on is mandatory for everyone.

Burger Controle is a fictive but realistic form of enforcement where agents patrol the Netherlands arresting anyone who behaves un-Dutch. A selection of existing norms and values from the Dutch integration course is collected and bundled in the “Wetboek der inburgering” ("The Constitution Book of Dutch Integration"). This book aims to show the Dutchies how absurd our admission requirements are. With a live performance, the Burger Controle (Citizen Control) confronted visitors of the exhibition with polarization and the growing Dutch nationalism in politics and policies. Burger Controle argues for rejecting our static integration system. To ultimately combat polarization and to reduce the gap between "them" and "us".

This project was exhibited at Roodkapje and is selected to be part of upcoming Manifestations, the biggest Tech and Art event of the Dutch Design Week.

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