Master Design

Building Edible Bridges

Karlijn Souren
How eating is key in connecting people of different generations.
Major Master Design
Year Graduation Year

As a Social Food Designer Karlijn believes food is a powerful means to address social issues. ‘The eating human’, intrigues her, whereby she is interested in the verb to eat, rather then in the product of food. In her practice she works with food in a social context, focussing on the role eating plays in our everyday exchanges and encounters.

In the Netherlands elderly are often disconnected from younger generations. Aging frequently leads to immobility, isolation and loneliness. In her design research she aim to reconnect people of different generation, using food and eating as means to achieve this. That lead to the question 'How can I use food/eating to establish bridges between generations?' Answering that question she strives to enrich the social lives of elderly on a human scale and, on a national scale, strives to start a movement to welcome elderly in the heart of our society again.

What we eat and how we eat it, determines how our cities are designed, how our days are structured and how we feel.