Graphic Design

An Ode to Doubt

We literally put doubt in the spotlight
Practice Autonomous Practices
Project Public and Private
Major Graphic Design
Year 2015

Mentaxis is: Loes Claessens and Kirsten Spruit

Mentaxis is focusing on experimentation and speculation in design and exercising axis mentality.
"We explore the continuum of possibilities between extreme positions and liberate ourselves from pigeonholing. We find ourselves in a mercurial state between questioning the present situation and embracing our current notions. Therefore, in true metamodern spirit, we propose “a pragmatic romanticism unhindered by ideological anchorage.”
Photography: Sofie van Esch

'An Ode To Doubt' is a critical revaluation of 'dubious' traits, like uncertainty, ambivalence, contradiction and inconsistency, that society often considers to be inadequate and unconvincing. In reaction to this negative reputation, Mentaxis – the design practice of Loes Claessens and Kirsten Spruit – has developed a new mentality which acknowledges the complexity and ephemerality of the contemporary metamodern Zeitgeist, and embraces doubt as a mode of progress. To exercise and spread this mentality, we literally put doubt in the spotlight by performing as a band.

Backstage we are designers. On stage we are a band.