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Linda Wassenaar
Major Master Design
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Visualize complex information to make it more accessible, useful and engaging.

Linda Wassenaar works as a performance auditor at the Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA, in Dutch: Algemene Rekenkamer). The NCA checks if government does the right thing (efficiency) and if it is done right (legality). Since a few years, it is Linda’s mission to enhance the accessibility of complex information by using more and better visuals. Together with her co-workers she experiments with new ways of visual storytelling and visual research methods.

In her design research, Linda finds ways to help researchers and auditors visualise complex information to make it more accessible, useful and engaging.

The audit process differs from the design process. In her experience, Linda sees auditors not start thinking about visual stories until the audit report is almost finished. That is why she came up with a combination of these two processes: the NCA-Design process. This tailor-made process is based upon her own experiences with visual stories and existing design processes, e.g. the double-diamond and the Stanford design process. Its purpose is to support the making of visual stories in content-centered areas like the NCA.

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