Website Launch: Hard Facts, Soft Interpretations

Willem de Kooning Academy
Thu 20 Dec

At the end of 2018 the graduation project by Amy Guijt Hard Facts, Soft Interpretations has been shaped into an online toolkit.

About Hard Facts, Soft Interpretations

This project is a form of data-therapy, in which you can shape and direct your life story. Large and small events in life affect the person you become. With this tool you can map out your family, relationships and life events, it will help create self-insight and is useful in communication with others. It is a visual tool with which you can map your personal life story and that of your family in an accessible way.

Whom is the toolkit for?

Sometimes it is hard to talk about difficult events in your life, sometimes you don't know how you got to this point in your life. Visualising helps you to organise your thoughts and emotions and get an overview of your life.

Why this toolkit?

The toolkit offers various visual methods providing possibilities for reflection. Discover your main life-threads by making connections. Use the tool to gain self-insight or to give others insight into your story.

Jury WdKA Bachelor Research Award 2017: "This project is a therapeutic toolkit for people in psychiatric treatment. It combines subjective and objective perspective, with a good balance of distance and methodological rigour on the one hand and engagement on the other. It involves the textbook use of external expertise, and experience experts are intelligently used as sources."

Read Amy's interview on this site.