Train the Trainer: International Collaboration for Future Fashion

Wed 13 Mar

The Willem de Kooning Academy is excited to welcome scholars from Kolding, Denmark, and Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the 'Train the Trainer' programme as part of the transformative 'Me-You-Us' project. The event, taking place from Wednesday, March 13, to Friday, March 15, 2024, at WdKA marks a significant step toward building digital 3D competences in fashion education.

The collaborative effort involves 6-7 educators from Willem de Kooning Academy, 4 educators from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and 3 educators from Design School Kolding, Denmark. The participants will engage in a comprehensive programme featuring workshops on creative applications of AI, ethics, and extended realities, including immersive technologies like AR/VR/MR. The agenda also includes lectures, conversations with students and alumni, brainstorming sessions, and preparing a conference paper.

This initiative is part of the broader 'Me-You-Us' project, aiming to enhance the Green and Digital capabilities of higher education institutions, with a particular focus on textile and fashion design. The project emphasizes the development of a Bachelor-level curriculum that incorporates digital tools and technology, such as 3D design, virtual prototyping, artificial intelligence, and augmented/virtual reality, into artistic fashion education.

The 'Me-You-Us' project follows a progression from individual skills (ME) to designing with empathy for others (YOU) and, ultimately, creating a new curriculum (US). Objectives include promoting innovative learning and teaching practices, fostering inclusivity and diversity within fashion and textiles curriculum, and preparing students with the skills required for future job possibilities in a global context.

By collaborating across three higher education institutions and engaging with industry partners, the project aims to strengthen the integration of digital tools, ensuring they align with existing teaching methods and contribute to sustainability in environmental, social, economic, and cultural aspects. 'Me-You-Us' aligns with global initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the European Integration project, the European Social Pillar, and the Green Deal, emphasizing active participation in sustainable innovation and development.

We would like to invite you to join the webinar and take a part of our Train the Trainer session, by Beata Wilczek, the founder of Unfolding Strategies, will be giving us a thought-provoking presentation regarding Digital Literacy in the field of digital fashion.  Beata Wilczek’s presentation will cover the foundations, crucial aspects, and examples of digital literacy in fashion. Following the presentation, we invite everyone to participate in a discussion. The webinar takes place Thursday 14th of March, between 11:30 and 12:30. You can join the presentation through this link.

Check the website for more information and updates as WdKA and its international partners work towards a cutting-edge, sustainable, and inclusive future in digital fashion education.