King's day x WdKA

Wed 26 Apr

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the King and his family will celebrate Kingsday in Rotterdam. The celebration of 10 years of Kingship in 010 promises to be a big party, and the WdKA community parties along! In this news post, we will share two WdKA related projects with you that are focused on King's day 2023.


City Dressing by WdKA alumni Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart

Since April 19th, Rotterdam icons, buildings, the Royal route and the citizens of Rotterdam are completely dressed in orange with a tad of green-white-green. The citydressing is visible everywhere!

The design of the citydressing by VollaersZwart is based on the King's Day theme 'We are all Kings & Queens' and on the orange point flags that are used at every national party. The orange pointy flag – the symbol of unity – has been enlarged to XXL for this occasion. And the XXL is not merely a reference to its size; it also refers to the Roman symbol X which means 10, aligning with the 10 years of Kingship celebrated in 010. The design of the flag is combined with the colours of Rotterdam: green-white-green.

The logo visible on all decorations has the form of a crown that is constructed from the pointy flag, along with 010 – the code of Rotterdam. The code of Rotterdam resembles a face with the ‘W’ of King Willem Alexander, and reversed it resembles the ‘M’ of Queen Maxima as a crown.

Birthday cards for the king by first year Illustration Students

First year Illustration students got the assignment to create a birthday card for the king where they combined images and typography. They presented their work on April 21st in Cafe Baek, where three out of the 60 cards were chosen as the winning cards by a jury existing of representatives from Rotterdam Citybranding and Rotterdam Festivals. The winners, Ad van Broekhuizen, Manan Gandhi and Ana Vagant, received a crown.

Swipe through the gallery below to see pictures of the works included in the presentation.