ZOOM-IN, film portraits of Graduates 2020, 2021 & 2022

Tue 21 Mar


With the Project Zoom-In we investigated the scope and meaning of doing research within graduation at the Willem de Kooning Academy. 

In the past three years, we followed a group of students with different backgrounds and study trajectories who were about to graduate. We interviewed them about the way they conduct research. 

In addition, we asked them to document and film their research and to share their moments of making, doubting and reflecting on their work. 

These interviews and the other material resulted in 38 filmportraits. 

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WHY did we make ZOOM-IN

This project shows the different perspectives both our students and tutors have on artistic and design research and how students practice this research. 

HOW did we make ZOOM - IN

We interviewed 40 students in the last month before graduation and recorded these conversations. In these interviews students were asked to reflect on their research process. Students shared their successes, failures and doubts, not only in these interviews, but also in their videoblogs. 

 These interviews and blogs not only give a very close insight into their creative process but also provide a rich source of insights. These can be directly translated into our education and form the basis of the film portraits. 

For whom is this interesting?

In the first place, Zoom-In is meaningful for our students- to see their colleagues doing research and to learn from their processes. In the second place, it provides tutors and other staff with tools to discuss the role of doing research within art education. Our third goal is to show a larger audience how a graduation process looks like. 


What did you LEARN from making ZOOM - IN?

By showing the different perspectives and ways of doing research Zoom-In hopes to open up the dialogue.  

The method of working: conducting interviews and asking students to share their research and making process turned out to be helpful for our graduate students to structure their thoughts and to reflect on their process and work. This method will therefore be further developed as a didactical tool. 

The student interviews already formed the basis for discussions with teachers.  Because many of the findings were common ground, this led to specific recommendations to improve education. the recommendations were also one of the reasons for developing and implementing the Circle of Doing Research.


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Thanks to all graduation supervisors and external partners who were involved in the creation of the work of these graduates

Commissioned by Willem de Kooning Academy
Charlotte Bik and Roger Teeuwen

Idea and research
Jojanneke Gijsen and Aldje van Meer

Arif Abdillah, Renée Spanjer, Jojanneke Gijsen and Aldje van Meer

Concept development and directionKatja van der Sandt (2020-2021) and Arif Abdillah (2022)

EditingHans Peter Wessels (2020-2021), Manouk Moreau and Arif Abdillah (2022)

SoundHans Peter Wessels (2020-2021), Radboud Mens (2022)

Jerry Estié